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A Senior Thesis Study


We are conducting research on the educational experiences of Philadelphia parents for our sociology honors theses at the University of Pennsylvania.


                                          We want to hear from you about...

Your experiences choosing a school for your children

How your children's schools have responded to COVID-19

The role of your school during a pandemic


Meet the researchers and advisors behind the project


Marion Standefer

Marion is a Sociology major concentrating in Structures of Opportunity and Inequality and minoring in French and Urban Education. Attending and teaching at both public and private schools in Philadelphia and beyond has prompted her to examine how parents from different walks of life are handling their children's education during this pandemic.


Margaret Tebbe

Margaret is a Sociology major concentrating in Structures of Opportunity and Inequality and minoring in Linguistics and Urban Education. She became interested in issues of school choice and spatial inequalities after teaching music at a Philadelphia public school for the last three years.


Annette Lareau

Dr. Lareau, the advisor for this project, is a sociologist who studies family life. She is interested in how the social position of children and parents has an impact on the quality of their life experiences.  She has explored these issues in the arena of family-school relationships, the cultural logic of child rearing, the process through which parents go about deciding where to live and send their children to school, and, in her current study, the blessings and challenges of families with high net worth.


Akira Drake Rodriguez

Dr. Rodriguez, the principal investigator for this project, writes about race, cities, and space in the US. She is currently a Joint Lecturer at the UPenn's Weitzman School of Design and School of Social Policy and Practice. She is currently working on her manuscript, Deviants in Divergent Spaces: The Radical Politics of Atlanta's Public Housing, which examines the dialectic between black feminist politics and public housing policy in Atlanta from 1936 to 2010.  


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